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- Permits, zoning and
environmental assessment
‚Äč approvals 
- ‚ÄčManagement team 
- Plant capacity feedstock
- Distribution of all end product  
In order to improve the environment, governments at different provinces have progressively started to put restrictions on waste separation.  Therefore, OEC is able to secure a consistent, high quality, uniform feedstock (organic waste, animal waste), which can be used to create a high value specialty fertilizer as marketed by OEC for mixed organic waste streams. Uniform feedstock and certain process modifications will result in a superior, value-added Specialty Organic Fertilizer product to meet strong emerging demand and markets for bio-based fertilizers.

Organic Eco-Centre Corp. (OEC) plans to build at least four Company-owned plants during the next five years with an incoming organic feedstock of 100 tonnes per day per facility.

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